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Looking for an upgrade to your Northwich home? Why not try out one of Aurora’s bespoke aluminium bifold doors! We offer a wide range of durable and secure doors to outfit any home.  Our hard wearing doors have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and brute force. Every door we install can be customised to fit the individual and their home no matter the shape or size. By purchasing aluminium bifold doors you can ensure your home gets an upgrade that is both stylish and secure.

Aluminium bifold doors create a seamless transition between your home and garden allowing for the perfect way for you to enter your back garden. Our Aluminium bifold doors allow your home to be flooded with light making your home naturally bright and vibrant. Our doors also have great thermal efficiency which could save you money during the winter months letting you spend on what matters most.

Our team of experts pride themselves on their efficient and professional level of service. We work with Origin, the market leaders, who make sure you are satisfied with your aluminium bifold doors. Use our online quoting engine today to get a price or get in touch to learn more.

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Aluminium Bifold Door Benefits


Our doors feature multi-point locking mechanisms that protect your Northwich home from even the strongest intruders, ensuring your valuables and house stay untouched.

Easy To Install

We make sure you receive fast and efficient customer service as we value our customers and their time. Even though we work fast you can be sure that we will never sacrifice the quality of our products.


Our aluminium bifold doors are able to be customised to make sure they fit right in with your Northwich home. We have many available customisation options to allow for your specific measurements and requirements.


To ensure our customers are provided with high end products we carefully craft our aluminium bifold doors using premium materials and advanced techniques. We do this to make sure our customers have a long lasting product that won’t need to be replaced or repaired.

Long Lasting

Our large range of aluminium bifold doors has been crafted with premium materials and modern technology to make sure that our doors perform for a long time without needing to be replaced.

Eco Friendly

Due to aluminium being a widely recyclable material, we can make sure our product is eco friendly and has a small carbon footprint. By doing this we allow all Northwich homes to have a sustainable solution for bifold doors.

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Long Lasting Thermal Efficiency

By choosing our bespoke aluminium bifold doors you can improve your home’s thermal efficiency and could save money on energy bills. Every profile we offer comes standard with a series of thermally broken chambers that stop warm air from getting out. This keeps heat inside your home and possibly saves you money on your bills.  This also reduces your carbon footprint as you are using less energy to warm up your home.

Our aluminium bifold doors are a cost effective solution for anywhere in Northwich. Our long lasting doors won’t need to be replaced for many years. They will continue performing to a high level for a long time, helping your home become more cost-efficient and have less of a carbon footprint.

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Bespoke Configurations

Here at Aurora, we understand that each home is different, so to accommodate for this we allow our customers to choose from a wide range of configurations to be able to make a door perfect for their home.

We allow you to choose from an odd or even number of door panels, that are adapted to the size of our existing space. You have complete control over how these aluminium bifold doors look and perform giving you the ultimate customisation. We offer a wide array of design options such as styles, colours, and finishes.

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Aluminium Colour Options

Weatherproof Builds

By choosing our bespoke bifold aluminium bifold doors you can ensure that your home will have superior levels of weatherproofing. Our doors are sealed to the tightest standard, eliminating any chance of cold draughts or water ingress appearing in your home. With our doors, you can guarantee your Northwich home will stay warm and dry all year round no matter the weather. During the summer our bespoke designs will allow you to improve ventilation in your property by opening wide and letting fresh air into your space.

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Aluminium Bi-fold Door Prices Northwich

Get your aluminium bifold doors today using our online quoting engine to get a free quote by entering a few details. It has a very simple design allowing you to find out the price for your desired product. If you want any additional information on our products get in touch with our team today using the online contact form or call us on 01270 38381.

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