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Transform your Crewe home with our durable uPVC French doors. Offering an enhanced standard of accessibility whilst exuding a beautifully classic aesthetic, French doors are a wonderful addition to any home. The large surface area of glass combined with the flying mullion allows these doors to bring a spacious and bright feel to any room.

The Liniar profile that is featured throughout our whole uPVC door range completely excels all uPVC profiles currently on the market. 100% lead-free and 100% recyclable, this profile is not only economically friendly it is also unbeaten on thermal efficiency, security and durability.

Our membership into the Double Glazing Network means we guarantee all homeowners the very best standards of product quality, workmanship and professionalism. We specialise in offering the best, every time.

French Doors Crewe

Features & Benefits

Continental Aesthetic

Featuring a crisp, clean profile design, French doors offer a wonderful continental flair to any home in which they are installed. They can fit seamlessly into both modern or traditional homes with ease, ensuring you always get the perfect fit.

Door Restrictors

To prevent damage to door from over opening, you can choose to install door restrictors into your French door design. This prevents the doors from opening past a set angle, eliminating the possibility of damage to the door itself.

Premium Hinges

The Italian ‘Dynamic 2D’ door hinges are available in 8 eye catching colours and consist of a beautifully slim line design. Effortlessly combining function and form these hinges achieve maximum accessibility with the upmost style.

Milled Threshold

Our exclusive milled frame-to-threshold jointing system ensures a clean and crisp aesthetic by eliminating the need for moulded plastic end caps. This guarantees a door profile that maintains a consistent sleekness.

Flying Mullion

Removing the need for any permanent fixtures, the flying mullion means that when the doors are fully opened they offer unrestricted access to your home with completely unobstructed views. Perfect for summer gatherings.

Colour Collection

We offer a comprehensive range of full-bodied, eye-catching and durable colours for all of our French doors. This enables you to find the perfect look for your property, whether you plan to have them blend in or stand out.

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French Doors Crewe

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Thermal Efficiency

The only profile to have been designed in the 21st century, the Liniar design contains features that are completely in keeping with modern demands. The multi-chambered profile uses size optimised chambers to break up mini convection currents and trap pockets of warm air, resulting in a greatly increased standard of heat retention for your property.

Increased heat retention allows you to enjoy a warmer home whilst saving money on your energy bills. The multi-chambered profile allows your central heating to perform to a much higher standard, ensuring that your home not only gets warmer but it stays warmer for a much longer period of time. This means you’ll have to use it less and therefore pay less for its use.

French Doors uPVC Crewe

uPVC french-doors Crewe

High Security

To ensure an unbeatable standard of home security, we install the world-class locking system from Yale. This high security, multi-point shootbolt locking system achieves unrivalled standards of home prevention that specialises in crime prevention, ultimately securing you a much safer home.

These locking systems are also accompanied with a 10-year mechanical guarantee and a £1,000 security guarantee. These completely cover you against any mechanical failure for 10-years after it is installed into your home, and in the highly unlikely event that you experience a break in you can receive up to £1,000 towards your home contents insurance.

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